Life is a game. I'm using a few cheat codes.

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Reblog if you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS!



I wanna see what console you guys play on!

Post for 2DS here

Post for 3DSXL here



The piano manufacturer PLEYEL and PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB unveil a piano that overturns the conventions of the music world. The lowering of the mechanics allows the aligning of the piano’s cover and keyboard. For the first time in the history of the piano, the audience can see the artist play from any viewing angle. This shows off the pianist’s hands and creates a higher level of interaction with the audience. Moreover, the pianist hears the sound of their instrument with a level of quality never previously attained. The lowered action no longer inhibits the sound projection, which consequently becomes immediate. Even though the piano retains its black lacquer finish, one of the classic cues of the piano world, PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB has completely revisited the instrument by endeavoring to change all of the traditional conventions, as regards volume, ergonomics and construction. The piano possesses all quality and sophistication of surface from the world of the automobile. In this way, its soft and structured silhouette takes the look of the streamlined hull of a competition sailing boat. With its sculptured surfaces and aerodynamic look, the piano has a slender.


Oh my.



A gecko utilizing claws on their feet to defy gravity. 



A gecko utilizing claws on their feet to defy gravity. 


Homestar Runner actually updated!

This makes me all kinds of happy.


Spring Break… is Over.

With this post, my spring break shenanigans in Seattle have come to a close. 

After a long, 25 hour train ride, an uncomfortable bed, and a 5-6 hour drive, I’m back in my apartment at UCSB. It’s been a good ride, and a good week. I had a lot of fun, but unfortunately it’s back to the ol’ grind. 

Thanks for keeping up with me, those of you who managed to do so. I’ll probably do more bloggy-type posts when things arise. 

- Adrian

Spring Break in Seattle: Day 5

Well this is technically day six but I’m counting this train ride as one day because it takes roughly 24 hours to get from Seattle to San Jose. So there’s that.

Got up early, said happy birthday to Jasmine, then packed out bags and left for another super long train ride. I mean it’s not the California Zephyr, which goes to Chicago, but it certainly is a long trip.

The woman running the snack car has made I kid you not more than 12 announcements. She’s taking a break , she’ll be open all night until 11, she’s closing up shop, she’s opening up shop, we’re blocking off the stairwell at Oakland, oh my god it never ends with this one.

Well at least I’ll be home in an hour or so, but then I have to start packing up for the journey back to UCSB. Yay long drives! At least I’ll have people to talk to this time around.

Hopefully there’s pizza involved at some point today.

- Adrian

Spring Break in Seattle: Day 3 AND 4!

Figured I’d take this time before I go to sleep to write about the last couple days, which have been mostly wandering the city doing little things like getting lunch. AND SEEING MOVIES. AND BUYING AWESOME THINGS. Nothing like a little retail therapy to help get your spirits up when the weather’s as dank and gray as it is in Seattle. 

So yesterday was nice. We got up, wandered about the city for a little bit, went to this awesome vegetarian restaurant, which is always a fun task for me. Going to all-vegetarian/vegan restaurants is always a daunting exercise for me because if EVERYTHING on the menu is vegetarian/vegan, I have a hard time choosing what to eat. Then we wandered about, got some groceries for Chris, then headed back to his apartment for a minute. Then we went out to the bookstore to kill time until we went to see Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film, The Wind Rises.

And what a movie that was. Wow. Almost every movie I’ve seen by Miyazaki lately has been absolutely mind-blowing. And this one, even though it’s less fantastical than his others, is nothing short of amazing. 

Then today, we got up, went out for a minute, then went to see Muppets: Most Wanted. I liked it, thought it picked up a little bit once things got going after that first number. There were lots of really funny moments in it. Then we went shopping. Chris made an effort at some point to find four or five retro game shops in Seattle and we went to three of them. I ended up with two copies of Mario Paint, one with the mouse; F-Zero; Dennis the Menace; Donkey Kong Country; a Super GameBoy, something my brother and I never had growing up; and Star Fox, all of which are on the SNES console. So fun times, I get to test out all these awesome games when I get back home. I’d have picked up some NES titles, but I was a little flustered. I always get that way when I enter a retro game shop. Much like a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, I never know what to settle on. 

It’s been a fun couple of days up here in the great rainy north, but unfortunately I have to be back at school on Sunday, so we depart from Seattle tomorrow at about 9:43 AM (whose bright idea was that anyway?). I’ll keep posting and such until I lose phone service. Until then, I’m signing off for the night. 

- Adrian


this was the best ending to any movie ever. ever. 

no one can convince me otherwise. 


Could not stop laughing.

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